DES brings the skills and experience needed to assess and deploy clean power solutions:

  • Analysis: load analysis coupled with optimization of energy efficiency and power system options

  • Design: system design optimization, proposal generation, sales, and deployment of PV power systems, including grid-tied, off-grid, and micro-grid

  • Planning: analysis and development of strategic plans for deployment of distributed energy systems, both on and off-grid

  • Communicating: development of stakeholder communication for the distributed energy value proposition

We help our clients determine their best distributed power solution:

  • Recognition: We help our business and utility clients recognize where distributed energy provides the greatest benefits to reduce costs while maintaining or improving reliability.

  • Optimization: We help our business and individual clients assess options for the greatest reductions in costs and other challenges.

  • Design & Deployment: We design and deploy distributed energy systems to meet specified reliability requirements and stand the test of time.

  • Financing: Non-profits, governmental entities, many remote businesses and utilities do not have the tax liability needed to monetize available tax credits. DES brings competitive financing options that maximize returns while minimizing upfront costs.

  • Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring: Working with our clients, DES develops and deploys Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring plans that provide indicators ahead of potential issues, best ensuring the highest reliability and customer service.

To learn how DES can help your business, residence, or distribution system can achieve maximum savings, reliability, safety and customer service, contact us today.