Remote Power brings utility Challenges

If you face challenges on remote circuits, contact us today to see if distributed energy can provide a cost effective alternative:

  • Capital Expense: To replace aging equipment, capital budgets are in many cases growing , such as re-conductoring aging circuits and addressing ongoing pole inspection and replacement. Distributed energy can reduce these and upstream capital expenses when loading on transformers, sub-stations, and feeders are reduced.

  • Power Purchase: Distributed energy systems reduce wholesale energy purchase costs, and in many cases demand costs depending on the load.

  • Operations and Maintenance Costs: Remote circuits located far from service yards can demand significant truck roll-time to reach remote outage or maintenance sites. As systems age, costs can grow. DES can develop joint O&M plans as well as monitoring of distributed energy systems.

  • Vegetation Management and Liability for Fire Starts: A number of rural utilities have been on the losing end of lawsuits over fire starts, increasing both utility tree trimming and insurance costs. Even then trees outside the utility right-of-way fall into distribution lines themselves or through a domino effect. Distributed energy eliminates remote power lines through forested areas, reducing these costs and liabilities.

  • Line Loss: I2R losses often add up 24/7. They are greatest on remote circuits powering large loads at lower voltages with smaller conductors. Distributed energy systems reduce or eliminate line loss.

  • Rights-of-Way: At times, extending circuits across private, tribal, or public lands can require significant permitting resources and cost. Avoiding extension of remote power lines over land owned by third parties can eliminate these costs.

  • Reliability & Customer Service: Distributed energy can vastly improve reliability for end-of-the-line loads, greatly improving uptime and customer service.


If you or your business have remote power needs that require costly grid upgrades, or diesel generators requiring frequent maintenance, contact us today. We optimize solutions for remote business loads, determining the most cost-effective distributed energy systems for your power needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.